Concord Public Schools Teacher Contract

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Concord Public Schools Teacher Contract: What You Need to Know

The Concord Public Schools District, located in Massachusetts, recently negotiated a new contract with its teachers. The contract, which was signed in June 2021, covers the next three years and includes several notable changes.

One of the key changes in the new contract is an increase in teacher salaries. The contract provides for a 2% increase in salaries for each year of the contract. This increase is in line with the average salary increase for teachers in Massachusetts.

Another important provision of the contract is the inclusion of a new evaluation system for teachers. Under the new system, teachers will be evaluated based on a set of standards that have been developed collaboratively by the district and the teachers` union. The new system is designed to be more objective and fair than the previous system, which relied heavily on the subjective opinions of administrators.

The contract also includes provisions for professional development and mentorship for teachers. The district will provide funding for teachers to attend conferences and workshops, and will also provide mentorship opportunities with veteran teachers.

One area that generated controversy during the negotiations was the issue of health insurance. The district had proposed increasing the amount that teachers would pay for their health insurance premiums, but this proposal was ultimately rejected by the teachers` union. As a result, the current premium structure will remain in place for the duration of the contract.

Overall, the new Concord Public Schools teacher contract represents a significant achievement for both the district and the teachers` union. The contract includes increases in salaries, improvements in the evaluation system, and new opportunities for professional development and mentorship. While the issue of health insurance remains unresolved, both sides can be proud of the progress that has been made in negotiating a fair and equitable agreement.